There are meny methods to treat skin lines and wrinkles. You can achieve god results by:

  1. stretching out the skin after previous reduction of it surface (surgery, e.g. face lift).
  2. triggering the renewal mechanisms (activation of certain cell types) due to controlled skinn injury, e.g. chemical injury (chemical peels), mechanical injury(mechanical peels), burn injury (laser), other physical modalities. Activation of these processes improves skin quality, but does not reduce already establish, long-standing wrinkles.
    Some of the renewal processes can also be generated by injection of Restylane® Vital®.
  3. filling up the wrinkles with foreign and non degradable material (permanent fillers) or with native, degradable material (non-permanent fillers, e.g. Restylane®, Juvéderm®, others)
  4. relaxing the muscles involved in mimic (by Botulinum toxin). This will reduce formation of skin folds and reduce their depth, as well as it will prevent new wrinkles to occure.

And the best method is...

All the methods mentioned above have some positive assets as well as some limitation.
Treatment of very deep and many wrinkles at the same time in elder patients with sagging skin, implies employment of surgical techniques reducing skin excess.
Tiny, very superficial lines in photo damaged skin (damage due to repetitive exposure to sun radiation) can respond to methods triggering the renewal processes (see above).
For the majority of patients however, who have shallow to deep wrinkles, fillers and/or botulinum toxin seems to be the safest, easiest and the best choice.