Q-Med, Galderma

Restylane® was formulated by Swedish company Q-MED and was introduced on the market in the 1996. It consist of non-animal, cross-linkt hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is an important component of skin and connective tissue in our body, responsible of e.g. cohesion of various tissue elements. It also binds water molecules. During ageing process the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin decreses.
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Treatments with Restylane®

To gain the desire cosmetic effekt, Restylane® is injected trough a needle into the skin or in tissue below. The procedure takes usually only a few minutes (for augmentation of breast up to an hour) and is performed with or without local anesthesia.
The effect achieved during the first treatment can always be maintained, further improved or modified by additional treatments later on; all according to your current desire. To preserve the effekt you may need one or two re-treatments annually and you can keep on doing so as long as you wish. The frequency of such re-treatments and the amount of Restylane® used usually decrease in time. I has been shown that the injection of Restylane® stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin and thus further improves and prolongs the cosmetic effect.

Applications of Restylane

Restylane® can be used for treatments of all kind of wrinkles and lines, for augmentation and reshaping of lips, face contours, scars etc, and for skin rejuvenation. To ensure safe and good cosmetic results in such a variety of applications, a whole range of Restylane® with different properties has been created.

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The side-effects after treatment with Restylane® are rare and are mainly caused by the procedure itself; the injection of the product into the skin (or below) trough a sharp needle. These side-effects consist of edema, bruises, superficial skin infection etc.
Minor allergic reactions to Restylane® has also been encountered in one out of 10.000 treated patients. Such reactions are characterize by redness at the treated area and can last from couple of weeks to couple of months. Among less frequent undesired reaction are: acne-like rash, deep skin infection.

The cosmetic effect created by this product and sporadic side-effects are time limited.